5 Reasons to Invest in A Hydropool Swim Spa

There are many great reasons to own a Hydropool Swim Spa but here we examine 5 of the best and why you should consider investing in one for you and your family.

A Hydropool Swim Spa is the perfect addition to your home if you want to stay active all year round and spend more time with your family. Far more affordable than a traditional pool, a Swim Spa allows you to train for swimming all year without going to the public pool and booking a lane. It also has a number of customizable features and allows you to cross train. There is no better solution to swimming at home than a Hydropool Swim Spa, and here are 5 reasons why you should invest in one.

1) Great for Swimming

Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise; it allows you to get a strong cardiovascular workout while sparing your joints the pounding they take running on pavement. It even spares your joints more than riding your bike! The buoyancy of the water takes the pressure off of you and allows you to focus fully on the movements without the jarring of your bones and tendons. With the adjustable current feature on the Swim Spa, you can set the perfect pace for your stroke, swim style, and skill level.

Swimming also helps to build muscle and is a true full body workout. The more muscle that you have, the faster your metabolic rate will become and this will aide greatly in weight loss, making swimming not only great for your heart health, but fantastic for the overall health and strength of your body.

Swimming is an incredible exercise that has many benefits you can read more about here, but your Swim Spa is so much more than just a piece of exercise equipment.

2) Swim Spas are Less Expensive Than a Traditional Pool

A traditional swimming pool installed in your backyard can cost more than $100,000 to install, significantly more than a Hydropool Swim Spa. It also takes far more time, energy and planning, not to mention a whole lot more room and water. Your Swim Spa allows you all the benefits of swimming in a pool without any of the extra costs and it also allows you to swim continuously, this means you don’t have to turn every few strokes when you hit the wall as you would in a traditional pool or even a public pool!

Having a smaller footprint for the Hydropool Swim Spa means that you have more room in your yard for lounging, landscaping and other activities. Maybe you have a difficult slope to your backyard that simply would be cost prohibitive for an inground pool. Don’t sacrifice your lawn where the kids like to throw or kick a ball, save on the space you have without sacrificing any of your beloved family activities. Swim Spas come in several different lengths as well, so find the one that works best for you and your dream yard design.

3) Customizable Swim Spa Options

Your Swim Spa doesn’t have to be a swimming treadmill alone. It is a customizable comfort that you have many options and additional features you can add to it. From different lights to set the mood for a backyard get together, or Bluetooth audio to really set the stage for a fun experience! Of course, you can also get different spouts, waterfalls and water features that look tranquil and that the kids love to play with. A Swim Spa is more than a tool to exercise with, it is the focal point of your backyard experience and a hub of entertainment. Hold the best backyard parties and make entertaining a fun and memorable experience.

4) A Fun Way to Spend More Time with Family

Having a great entertainment piece like a Hydropool Swim Spa gives you more opportunity and more cause to spend time with the ones you love. Whether it is a late-night moody soak after a long work day with your partner, or a Saturday morning with the kids, there is always a reason to spend some time laughing with one another when you have a Swim Spa. Your kids will love that they have a chance to get ahead learning to swim in their own backyard and you can hop right in with them. Share laughs and get fun, inflatable floaties, spend time making memories this year on your own time, no need to pack the car up and head anywhere, just grab the towels and head outside. Your kids will love tossing rings and paddling about and you won’t have to compete for space or parking at the public pool.

5) Swim Spas Are Not Just for Swimming!

Did you know that you can actually boogie board or kayak in your Swim Spa? With the adjustable current and different attachments, you can get a full aquatic experience in your Hydropol Swim Spa that you can’t get in a regular pool. While it is frowned upon to show up at your local recreation center with a kayak, there are no barriers to doing so in your Swim Spa. Set your desired current and go for a paddle, getting in a great workout and train for your next river adventure all year round in the safety of your backyard!

There is also ample room and customizable attachments for resistance bands and weights so you can get aqua fit in your Swim Spa as well. With the Bluetooth speaker system, you can set your phone or tablet a safe viewing distance away and get your workout in following along in the comfort of your backyard.

Why Buy a Hydropool Swim Spa?

As you can see there are many great reasons to invest in your own Swim Spa. Spend more quality time with friends and family and get healthier building muscle and helping your heart, all for less money and space than a traditional inground pool. If you think a Swim Spa would be a great fit for you and your family, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to help you find the perfect solution for you.

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