5 Unique Ways to Elevate Your Sundance Spa Experience

Soaking in your Sundance Spa is a great way to pass the time but there are a number of fun and inventive things you can do to make it even better!

Whether you’re a new Sundance Spa owner or have been enjoying the luxurious embrace of its jets for years, the spa experience is always ripe for innovation. Beyond the already therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy, there are myriad ways to make each soak memorable. Let’s dive into five unique activities that can amplify your spa sessions:

1) Host a Sundance Spa Movie Night

Ever thought about combining the relaxation of your spa with the joy of watching your favorite movie? With an outdoor screen or a projector, you can transform your backyard into an open-air cinema. Just make sure to set everything up safely away from water sources. Add waterproof Bluetooth speakers for an enhanced audio experience, pop some popcorn, and soak in the cinematic ambiance quite literally!

2) Find Zen with Sundance Spa Yoga

While practicing a downward-facing dog in a spa might be a bit ambitious, there’s a world of water-specific stretches and relaxation techniques waiting for you. Gentle stretches, especially with the aid of the warm water, can help increase flexibility and decrease muscle tension. End your session with some deep breathing exercises, letting the spa’s warmth wrap around you.

3) Dive into a Book

Some of the best memories are crafted when we get lost in a riveting story, and what better place to do so than your spa? Whether you’re revisiting a classic or discovering a new favorite, reading in the spa is an unmatched experience. Consider using waterproof book covers or e-readers to keep your pages dry. Just remember to set a timer, lest you get so engrossed that you forget to hydrate!

4) Elevate Romance with a Wine and Dine Evening

Make your next date night unforgettable. Light some candles around your Sundance Spa, play some soft music, and share a bottle of wine with your significant other. The combination of the spa’s relaxing ambiance with a spread of light snacks or a charcuterie board can make for a magical evening.

5) Dive into the Rhythms with Music Therapy

Music has the power to evoke a spectrum of emotions. Whether you’re in the mood for some relaxing instrumental tunes, the soulful notes of jazz, or even some energetic pop hits, there’s a song for every spa session. Curate your own playlists or explore streaming platforms for spa-specific playlists. Waterproof speakers can deliver clear sound without the risk of water damage.

Remember, the key to these activities is ensuring safety and comfort. Always be cautious around electronic devices when near water, and make sure any food or beverages are spa-safe. Your Sundance Spa is a canvas for relaxation and fun; it’s up to you how you choose to paint it!



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