Coldture Water Chiller (without tub)


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Cools the Water Down to 3 Celsius (37F)
Heats the Water Up to 40 Celsius (105F)
Features Advanced Step Filtration
Portable – All-in-one Contained Unit
Plug and Play – Self-priming Circulation Pump
WiFi-enabled Temperature Control System
Indoor and Outdoor use (-10C/14F)
Safety Shutoff
Industrial-grade Components
One Year Standard Warranty

The Cold Plunge/Ice Bath Water Chiller is perfect for anyone looking for a clean & consistent at-home cold tub experience. This powerful compact cooling unit can chill the water to 3 degrees Celsius (37F), for those looking for a deep chill. Plus, with its Wi-Fi control and digital display, you can easily customize your bathing experience. The Chiller is built with industrial-grade components, making it tough enough to handle even the most rigorous use. Get setup in minutes with a plug and play design