Hayward Lateral Threaded Filter


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Hayward Sx240d Threaded Lateral Replacement Filter

Fits Hayward pro series sand filter models s180t s210t s220t s230t s244t s270t s244slv s210t93sft s210t932s.

Sign of a broken or worn out lateral are :

  • Sand on the pool floor

  • Cloudy water

To replace the broken laterals you will have to empty the sand from the filter into a large container. To do this  you need to remove the multipart valve carefully to not damage the O-rings. Cover the long pipe leading from the multipart valve inside the sand filter with a plastic bag and use an elastic band to hold the bag tight.

Remove the sand and then clean around the laterals. Once the laterals are clear of any sand, undo the broken lateral and replace with a new one.

When you have completed the above steps, refill with the sand you have saved. Remove the plastic bag from the manifold pipe and replace the multipart valve carefully and secure to the filter.

You will notice the pool water become cloudy but don’t worry as this will clear after a short time.