Homecraft Revive 7.5 KW Sauna Heater with Controls


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The Revive sauna heater is a sleek & modern, high end sauna heater designed to give a truly amazing sauna experience for every sauna user. The tower design holding up to 200 pounds of rocks with our inner air-flow chamber design allows for large amounts of water to be added to the heater creating large amounts of steam and increasing the humidity to the room. This beautiful heater was designed for the sauna user who desires that increased humidity and have a more wet-sauna experience.

Design & Build:

The Revive sauna heater was designed for the sauna user that desires the ability to have more control over the type of heat experienced during sauna use. We also wanted to create a heater that would emit heat in an efficient way and so we created a protective air-flow chamber that makes our sauna more efficient. We also believe that the longevity of our heaters will continue to shine because our heating elements are protected and the quality of the materials we use in each of our sauna heaters. Allowing the rocks to heat quicker then our competitors also enables the user to use larger amounts of water onto the rocks with allows for a better sauna experience. With our desire for quality the Revive heaters are 100% stainless steel and all of our sauna heaters are CSA & UL 875 approved.

Why Homecraft sauna heaters are unique:

Within Canada and North America there are only a small number of companies designing and building sauna products. Homecraft has been manufacturing sauna heaters for over 35 years and has been a leader in promoting true sauna culture & it’s benefits over these years. When you purchase a Homecraft Heater you are buying a product that is proudly Canadian made & manufactured, supporting our local economy and a North American company.

Heater Specifications:

Revive 7.5kw (7000w)

Price Includes: Homecrafts TKE2-2 Digital Sauna control

Heater Size: 14’’ x 14’’ x 36’’

Good for Sauna rooms: 300-370 cubic feet

Rocks: 200 lbs (Not Included in Price)

Electrical: 40amp circuit breaker

Sauna Control: Tke2-2 Included

2 Year Warranty:
The buyer is obligated to read the user manual and follow the instructions and requirements presented.
Damage to the product caused by not following the instructions or from improper sauna use, or tampering
of the heater will void the warranty. If there are any defects on the sauna heater, where the manufacturer
can be blamed, the buyer has the right to demand a replacement or repair of the product. All complaints
must happen within the time period of the life of the warranty.
Warranty Terms:
Warranty applies only to electric heaters that have been used according to the instruction manual
Warranty does not cover heating elements as they are considered a consumable part
Warranty does not cover general wear that occurs from normal sauna use
Warrant does not apply when:
•Product has been damaged by carelessness
•Product has not been installed correctly
•Product has been modified or tampered with