Hydropool Swimspas Aquatic Collection AquaSport 14AX


The AquaSport 14AX features new ergonomic design and swim tank design along with numerous engineering innovations that include
four Hydrotherapy Seats each with Zone Therapy. The swim has gone to new depths with a 53 inch deep swim tank and has two AccuFlo
jets that deliver a smooth swim and one AquaStream jet all backed up by our new Dual Performance Flow Intakes that dramatically
reduce the reflective wave effect. The swim tank features new soft stride mats on the floor and steps, all encompassed by our new acrylic lip edge design.

  • LED lighting
  • Safety steps
  • Self Cleaning Technology
  • Soft Stride Floor Mat
  • Core Stream Jets


AquaSport 14 AX

Weight Full18445 lbs / 8369 kg
Weight Empty2532 lbs / 1149 kg
Shell Length174 Inches / 442 cm
Shell Width93 Inches / 236 cm
Shell Height53 Inches / 134 cm
Volume1900 US Gal / 7220 L
Seating4 Hydrotherapy Seats

Includes Swimspa Form Goggles, Factory installed Frame and Cabinet, Swim Exercise Bar & Hard Cover, Soft Stride Mat, Double Hydrofall Pillows 


Bellagio Package Includes: Bellagio HydroFalls $1249 Northern Lights + 2 LED Lights $1349 List Price – $2598 Bellagio Package Price $2099

Cabinet Cabinet and Frame INCL Replace Cabinet add Solid State frame (-$1119) Black Cherry Cabinet Premium Upgrade $599

4 Tier Aqua Step $1999

Northern Lights + 2 LEDS $1299

Southern Lights* $899 

GFCI Including Subpanel $399

Auxiliary Heating System By-Pass Loop $199

Command System $399

Additional 4KW Heater $849

HydroFlex Air Therapy System-Heated $1149

Dream Scents on Demand $299

Aqua Rowing Kit $1199

Aqua Fitness Package $499

Box Fit Fitness Package $499

48” Stainless Steel Exercise Bar (Left Side Only)$349

EZ – Pure Ozone System $279

PureWater System $839

Safety Insulating Cover INCL

Summer Cover with Tie Downs $299

Bi Fold Cover Option $199

Delete Hardcover (-$995)

Rollaway Cover+ (Need To Delete Hardcover) $4400

Bracket for Rollaway Cover $379

Cover Remover (Standard) $379

Cover Remover Plus (Hydraulic) $629