SPAZAZZ Set the Mood Crystals



Set “The Mood”…  with these indulgent skin softening and soothing spa crystals as your aches and pains melt away. The scents are based on your favourite cocktail drinks in a concentrate 4oz container. The Mood Setting range of Spazazz crystals come in the following scents for you to choose from:
  • Celebrate (Mimosa): A festive delight of berries & juices.
  • Fantasize (Pina Colada): Sweet pineapple and luscious coconut cream.
  • Flirty (Cosmo): Immerse yourself in fruity.
  • Happy Hour (Margarita): Mexican lemon-lime blend.
  • Romance (Strawberries ‘n Champagne): Strawberries drenched in a champagne.
  • Seduction (Love Potion #9): Immerse yourself in a seductive fantasy ready to simmer with whom you desire.
  • Temptation (Appletini): Sultry French vanilla, infused with a drizzle of silky smooth caramel.
  • Wild Fiesta (Sangria): Wild berries and enticing brandy aroma.