TSC-9-GE1 Spa Side Control (0202-007154)


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TSC-9-GE1 Spa Side Control (0202-007154)

This Gecko topside control model TSC-9 is oval in shape and the smallest of the topside controls from Gecko for the S-Class and u class spa packs. Features the LED temperature display also comes with two overlays, one overlay has buttons for a one pump set up and the other overlay has buttons for a two pump set up. The pump configuration is done in the Gecko S-Class spa pack and cannot be set up from the topside.


  • TSC-9 keypad (0202-007154)
  • Includes 1 Pump Overlay (9916-100131) & 2 Pump Overlay (9916-100186)
  • 4 Buttons: Pump 1/Light/Up/Down OR Pump 1/Pump 2/Light/Up-Down
  • Dimensions: 4.45″ x 1.96″
  • Cord length: 10′
  • Compatible with: S Class and U Class Systems Only

When replacing your Gecko topside control panel, always choose the new replacement Gecko topside that matches that part number on your old topside. Do not choose a new topside panel based on appearance, some of them look very similar but may not be compatible.