Advantages of Heat Therapy and Cryotherapy

Heat therapy and cryotherapy are becoming more popular than ever. How can your spa help to improve your health this winter season?

There are many health benefits from enjoying your Sundance Spa. Not only for relieving stress by taking time to relax but physiologically as well. Your muscles will thank you due to the heat therapy, buoyancy and massage. But how about cold therapy? Not something often discussed when looking at hot tubs but during the winter it certainly deserves investigating.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy helps to ease the effects of sore muscles by increasing circulation and relaxing tender muscles. Soaking in your spa is an excellent form of heat therapy and should be accompanied by drinking lots of water as well to maintain hydration. The hot water helps with deep tissue repair as well, making it ideal for athletes or after a long day on the ski hill. This form of heat therapy looks to be best once delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) has set in as it is a full body treatment and helps to heat more effectively internally.


Cryotherapy has its origins as far back as ancient Greece and Egypt with texts showing how cold was used to treat pain and inflammation. Over the years it has grown and expanded to include remedies like the polar plunge, made popular in the Nordic countries where it was known for a long time to be a physically and mentally beneficial treatment. Polar plunging also helps reduce the soreness of muscles as well, as pain killing endorphins are released with prolonged cold exposure. The cold helps the body release cytokines, which aide in the development in cells repairing tissue and helping your immune system. So, if both of these therapies are beneficial, how do they work together?

Combining Therapies

Using a combination of cold and heat therapies can help the lymphatic system do its job more effectively. There is more and more scientific research coming out around this but it is something Nordic countries have observed for years, as they used a combination of saunas and polar plunges. This means that the body can more efficiently remove toxins. The improved blood flow and circulation leading to better skin, quicker recovery and deeper relaxation. The added benefit is the shock to the system that wakes you up. How can you make this happen? Start your morning with a relaxing soak before a cold shower, or finish your day with a waltz in the snow and a soak in your spa. There are a lot of ways to get creative, the important thing is you are enjoying your spa and looking after your health.

There are lots of benefits to hot and cold therapy. Ask us how you can get your spa this winter season and take advantage of that natural cold we are all experiencing and leverage it to help get yourself healthier and happier than ever.

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