Common Hot Tub Cover Concerns

At Snow Valley Spas, we’re dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of your hot tub experience. Every day, we receive numerous inquiries from hot tub owners, spanning various makes and models. Here, we address some of the most frequently asked questions to help you better understand and care for your hot tub cover.

What Materials Make Up My Hot Tub Cover?

Typically, a hot tub cover consists of tapered foam inserts encased in vinyl skin. The cover comprises two main pieces stitched together along a reinforced seam, designed to fold over your hot tub’s lifter bar.

How Long Should My Hot Tub Cover Last?

The lifespan of your hot tub cover depends on several factors, including its location, operating temperature, cleaning frequency, and UV protection. With proper care, your cover should endure well over five years.

What Causes Damage to My Hot Tub Cover?

While various factors can affect your cover’s longevity, chemical damage remains the most common culprit. Despite meticulous water maintenance, chemical damage can occur due to a phenomenon known as the “freeboard,” where a corrosive chemical cloud accumulates between the water’s surface and the cover. This issue is exacerbated in less frequently used hot tubs or those employing floating dispensers.

How Can I Identify Chemical Damage?

Chemical damage manifests in several ways: discoloration, bleaching on the underside, and a greenish tint around the seam area. Additionally, the gases produced can degrade the stitching, leading to cover failure. If left unchecked, the foam inserts may absorb water, making the cover heavy.

How Can I Prevent Cover Damage?

Regularly opening the cover allows gases to dissipate, reducing the risk of chemical buildup. After adding chemicals, leaving the cover off momentarily facilitates proper ventilation. Maintaining water levels as recommended by the manufacturer is also crucial for preserving your cover.

Top Tips for Spa Cover Maintenance

  1. Keep water levels balanced according to the owner’s manual.
  2. Test water quality even during periods of non-use.
  3. Open the cover regularly, especially if the hot tub is not in frequent use, to vent gas buildup.
  4. Allow the cover to remain off temporarily after adding chemicals to enable proper ventilation.

At Snow Valley Spas, we’re committed to helping you maximize the lifespan of your hot tub cover and enhance your overall enjoyment of your spa experience. We also carry spa covers if your Sundance Spa needs a replacement.

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