Frequently Asked Questions About Owning a Hot Tub Part 2

We get all sorts of questions about owning and operating spas. These are a selection of some of the questions we are asked regularly and if you have another that you would like answered, please do not hesitate to reach out.

So many of you responded to our previous blog and had more questions that we have happily decided on a part two of this blog. We will discuss operating costs of a spa, what an expected life of your spa should be and how you can keep your hot tub water clean.


How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost to Operate?

Outside of the costs associated with the actual purchase of your spa, there are additional operating costs involved in keeping your spa in working order. To heat your spa and to run the pumps for the filter and jet systems requires electricity and to keep the spa at the optimum temperature may fluctuate throughout the year depending on the climate. In Fernie/Cranbrook of course, there is more power required to keep the spa at heat in the snowy winter than there might be in a milder climate.

A starting point calculation for estimating energy consumption for your spa is:

Your Monthly Energy Cost = Kilowatt Hours in Use x Local Rate per Kilowatt Hour

Other considerations you need to remember are that some spas are more energy efficient than others and the technology improves all the time. A new spa today may be more expensive than a used spa but have a lower monthly operating cost. The quality of your cover and how much you use the spa (Leave the water exposed to the elements for prolonged periods of time) will also have an impact on energy consumption. Sundance Spas are fantastic for providing owners with a great return on energy consumption.

Also considered in monthly costs are your chemicals and maintenance. Service providers can look after this professionally for you, in which case you would simply factor this cost into your purchase decision or you can service the spa yourself. In the latter case, you need to consider not only the cost of the chemicals, usually between $10-$25 per month (May vary by size of the spa per year) but the time required to service and maintain the spa. If your time is worth $50+/hr, is it worth your time to service the spa yourself?

How Long Will a Hot Tub Last?

Of course, there are several factors that will impact the life of your hot tub, including usage and durability of the spa. A more inexpensive spa may last as short as 5 years whereas mid tier spas will last closer to 15 and high-end spas will last 20 or more. Sundance Spas offer a phenomenal warranty and are built with durability in mind.

Outside of the design, the maintenance on the spa over the years is the biggest factor in how long it might last. With regular maintenance you are going to extend the life of your spa whereas if you neglect the basics, you will shave life off of your spa. This is why a clear understanding of your spa’s needs are so important and making sure it is getting the care it deserves is so worth it.

How Do I Keep Hot Tub Water Clean?

Nobody wants a spa experience where they feel the water is anything short of pristine. This is something we certainly would never want nor expect for our clients! So how can you ensure that your spa water is nice and clean? You need to make sure that you are regularly cleaning your spa cover as well as the filter. Cleaning the filter is great but if you neglect that cover you are putting that filter right back to hard work after cleaning it.

Before adding the right chemicals, you need to check the chemical balance so you know what exactly to add. This can be a delicate balance but if you bring in a sample of your hot tub water, we are happy to test it for you. This balance is so important because if you are out of balance in one direction you will erode the inner workings of the spa and if you are out of balance in the other direction bacteria can build up (YUCK). We are always happy to help you with this and also offer professional, regular spa servicing and maintenance for all our Sundance Spas.

If you have any other questions regarding hot tubs or swim spas, please do not hesitate to reach out to us, we are always happy to chat and to make sure that your problems get solved.

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