Holiday Gift Ideas for Hot Tub Owners

Having a difficult time shopping for loved ones this holiday season? Find the perfect gifts for the spa owners in your life!

Do you have a spa owner that loves their hot tub in your life? Let’s take a look at some of the options you have for amazing gifts this holiday season so you can put smiles on faces. From the simplest things like gift cards, to floating wine glasses we have you covered!


The spa isn’t just the perfect place to relax sore muscles and melt stress away with warm water and jets, it can also be the focal point of entertainment. Coming together to have beverages, listen to music, and generally reconnect is what the holidays are all about and chances are the spa owners in your life have invited you over before to do just that (If not these gifts might inspire them to).

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers are a great addition to any spa environment. No more worrying about speakers or phones getting wet as the phone can stay safely distanced while the waterproof speaker sits tub-side.

If the music is already looked after, why not turn to these floating wine glasses and wine hooks? Never worry about breaking glass again and having to drain the spa because of one miscalculated placement. These glasses and holders make entertaining easier and safer than ever!

Maybe your friends have a Hydropool Swim Spa and have a little bit more room to play with. Consider getting them their own lounging floaties so that they can fully relax through the Summer. The only thing that might make your spa experience even more relaxing is a floatie!


Smells like the holidays! Did you know you can buy scents for the spa lovers in your life? It is a bit difficult to light a candle next to your spa outside and enjoy the aromas but aromatherapy scents allow you to enjoy the wonderful aromas all the same. Aromatherapy can further enhance relaxation and recovery, or help to shift frame of mind. Different scents have different effects, helping you to further personalize your gifts this season and show the ones you love just how much you care and how well you know them.

Gift Cards

How are you possibly supposed to know that the last person on your list desperately needs a Pleated Filter for their spa? You aren’t, but if you know that they own a Sundance Spa you can always get them a gift card! This allows them to get exactly what they are looking for and what they need without you having to become an expert on their hot tub.

Perhaps you know someone who has been saving up for a spa and you want to help them in their endeavours in this season of giving. A gift card might be just the ticket to help them and it all but assures that you will be invited over to enjoy the spa as well, thought that would certainly not be the motivating factor for such a stocking stuffer.

Spas are an amazing way to connect with friends, relax, recover and to generally enjoy respite from a hectic life. The spa lover in your life could always benefit from enhancing that experience and you can help them achieve that this holiday season. Friday the 27th of November we will be offering 10% off all chemicals, supplies and accessories as part of the Fernie Chamber of Commerce Spend it in Fernie Holiday Kick Off! Come see us as we have extended hours and get started on your holiday shopping with some amazing deals.

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