Hot Tub Spa Accessories You Need For the Summer

If you're getting ready to enjoy the warmth and relaxation of a good soak in your hot tub Spa, you might want a few accessories to make the experience even more gratifying.

Whether you are putting together a spa for the first time or upgrading to a newer model, here is a look at some essential add-ons that you should consider.

Spa Filter

Choosing the ultimate design in spa filters provides crystal clean water for your hot tub. One top-of-the-line choice that you have is the Microclean Plus™ filter. According to Sundance Spas, the Microclean Plus™ filter for spas uses triple-layers in its filtration system, enabling it to capture large and small pieces of debris as well as skin lotions and oils.

Spa Chemicals

Once you have your spa set up properly, you need cleaning and maintenance chemicals to prevent problems with pH levels and cloudiness. Make sure that you obtain pH stabilizers and chlorinating products to assist you in keeping your water clean and clear.

Storage Spa Steps

Combining functionality with practicality, the Smart Step provides an excellent add-on for your spa. Sundance Spas states that this model holds up well against the weather, making it resistant to fading and cracking. The Versastep™ matches the cabinetry of Sundance Spa’s hot tubs, creating a seamless, attractive appearance, and the steps offer lots of storage space. The DuraStep II offers an inexpensive option that delivers stability and safety.


quality hot tub cover provides safety and energy savings. Using one helps to reduce the loss of heat and water, while also assisting in keeping pets and children out of the spa. Leisure Concepts offers spa covers that deliver reliable, safe operation. Their CoverMate II and CoverMate III use an understyle bracket that eases the process of covering and uncovering your spa.


Your spa cover is designed to enhance the beauty of your spa, so it is important to keep it protected against the harsh rays of the sun as well as against the elements of the weather. A spa cover product like 303 Protectant can help to keep your cover looking good all summer long.

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