Hot Tub Spa Maintenance Basics

Hot Tub Spas are a great addition to many lifestyles. They provide a great investment into your property, mental and physical health and can enhance your quality of life. In order to enjoy the many perks of Sundance® Spas, it is extremely important that you regularly maintain and clean your spa.

Routine maintenance for your spa will ensure safety, enhance your spa experience and increase the longevity of your spa.

Testing and Treating Your Spa water

Testing the water in your Sundance® Spa and treating with chemicals should be done on a weekly basis. Creating a cleaning schedule, and marking on a calendar, can help you to remember to perform routine maintenance. Even setting reminders on mobile devices can help to ensure that the maintenance is performed according to schedule.

You can visit Snow Valley Spa and Leisure to learn more about treatment products and chemicals. You can check the levels of your spa with the use of test strips. Some of the levels you will want to check include total alkalinity, calcium hardness, total hardness, pH, bromine and chlorine.

With the use of goggles and gloves, add each chemical to your spa, one at a time. After you have added the necessary chemicals to treat your water, leave the cover off for 20-30 minutes to protect it from the cleaners. Leaving your spa running while the products are being added ensures that they are mixed properly throughout your system.

Draining and Cleaning Your Spa

Each spa should come with a unique set of cleaning and maintenance instructions. You should always follow these guidelines accordingly, to ensure the maximum performance from your system. Most manuals will cover a variation of the same points and routines.

Most manuals will walk you through a series of steps to clean different components of your spa. These steps might include flushing the lines, draining the hot tub, cleaning the surface, cleaning the filters and refilling the spa. If you find any problem areas while performing routine maintenance, your manual may provide you with guidelines to treat it, or you can inquire about spa servicing and repairs. Snow Valley Spa and Leisure offers affordable spa servicing and repairs in Fernie and the Elk Valley region.

Your filters should be removed and completely cleaned once every two weeks, and your cover should be cleaned on a monthly basis. While cleaning your spa cover, you should keep an eye out for tears,  deterioration, broken parts and moldy or musty smells due to bacteria. You should aim to completely drain and clean out your spa roughly three to four times a year, depending on how frequently you use it.

Keeping your Spa Clean

Keeping your spa clean, and properly maintained, can help to enhance the performance and make it safe and enjoyable for everyone to use. One way to keep your spa clean is to prevent debris and contaminants from entering your spa in the first place. Have users shower and rinse off before entering the spa to prevent dirt, cosmetics and bodily oils from contaminating the water.

Spa Servicing and Repairs in Fernie

If your Sundance® Spa is in need of maintenance or repairs, you may want to consider having an expert take a look at it. Snow Valley Spa and Leisure offers spa service in Fernie, Sparwood, Elkford, and the rest of the Elk Valley region. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for spa service.

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