How do Hot Tub Spas Help Sore Muscles?

If you have back problems, sore muscles, arthritis, if you suffer from poor sleep, a hot tub spa hydrotherapy will help you relax and sooth your aches and pains.

When your body is in pain, you might try just about anything to feel better. Sore muscles can be a result of many things, from exercise and strenuous activity, to a bad sleep or poor posture at work. You might not be able to prevent muscle soreness all the time, but how you resolve the pain and discomfort is up to you. By spending time regularly inside the jet-driven water of a hot tub, you can help encourage healing and the overall feeling of wellness.

Let’s find out how.

Heat and Buoyancy

There are a few factors that contribute to the healing benefits of hot tubs. The first being temperature. The water is generally set anywhere from 90° to 104° for an ideal spa experience. Of course, users can change the temperature based on their personal preferences. The heat can help to improve your blood flow and encourage the production of positive endorphins. These endorphins can help you experience an overall feeling of wellness, as the heat helps your body relax. When your muscles loosen up it’s easier to alleviate tension, which can lead to muscle soreness, stiff joints, headaches, and even migraines.

The buoyancy of the water can help to take pressure off your body by lifting 90% of your body weight. With the effects of gravity not taking a toll on your body, your muscles truly have an opportunity to relax and heal.

Hydrotherapy and Other Water-Based Techniques

Hydrotherapy and Other Water-Based Techniques

Hydrotherapy is a water-based therapeutic technique that is widely used by physiotherapists to help encourage healing and wellness. Essentially, the heat, buoyancy, and other benefits of the water are combined with pressure from the spa jets. The jets are strategically placed throughout the design of the hot tub to provide pressure to stress-prone areas. This can help your muscles to relax and ease tension, ultimately helping soothe sore body parts.

Hydrotherapy can be used alongside other therapies for an enhanced healing experience. Reflexology targets the muscles and over 7,000 nerve endings in your feet with high-powered jets, while aromatherapy uses a variety of scents to help you relax.

Ongoing Stress Relief and Relaxation

You can indulge in a variety of health benefits for years to come. The regular use of a hot tub can help ease sore muscles on a consistent basis, while relieving stress and helping you relax. When your body is continuously cared for and pampered within the jet-driven water, it can help prevent future tension and muscle soreness. You might even experience a variety of other health benefits too, including better sleep patternsimproved arthritis or sore joints, and less stress.

Healing your Body Following a Workout

here’s no doubt about it – it can feel truly invigorating to soak in the hot tub. This is especially true following a vigorous workout. Your muscles might be aching for relief with the help of swirling hot water and soothing jets. Although, jumping in the hot tub immediately following a tough workout isn’t always recommended. The time spent following a workout is crucial for ideal muscle recovery. Chances are, your muscles have some inflammation and you might be dehydrated from exercise. You should try to rehydrate your body by drinking lots of water and using cold or ice packs on sore muscles. A hot tub is most beneficial for sore muscles roughly 36 to 48 hours after a particularly intense run or workout. Once the inflammation in your muscles has decreased, soaking in a hot tub can truly help to relieve any lingering muscle soreness.

It’s recommended that you speak with a physician before utilizing a hot tub for healing muscle soreness. To learn more about the healing benefits of Sundance® Spas, contact our experts at Snow Valley Spa and Leisure today.

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