How Soaking in Your Spa Helps Your Skin

Soaking in your Sundance Spa has a host of health benefits, both mentally and physically, look how they help sore muscles for example. One that sometimes gets overlooked, is what it does for your skin. Having a routine approach can help you have a glowing complexion, through causing your pores to open and gently sweat out oils and dirt, increasing your circulation, and increasing natural healing processes in your body.

Finding the Right Spa Routine

While there are many benefits to soaking in your spa, that doesn’t mean you can just hop in every day and the benefits will become immediately evident. Some spas use special systems to filter the water leading to a reduction in chemicals while others may require products like chlorine to maintain a healthy balance. Chlorine in excess can be damaging to your skin over time, so it is important to rinse after your spa and use an exfoliator.

Maintaining balance in your spa is critical, make sure you are regularly checking the water and adding chemicals as needed so that your spa is kept in optimal condition. We are always here to help you with this and if you bring in a water sample, we can even test it for you! We also have a number of filter and chemical products available in store and online so that you can rest easy!

It is also important for your skin for you to remain hydrated! If you make a soak a part of your routine after a daily workout for recovery for example, make sure you are drinking adequate water for both your exercise and your time in the spa. This is important so that you are not drying out your skin over time.

Remember, soaking every day is fine so long as you rinse afterwards, hydrate, and maintain the chemical balance of your spa.

Soaking in Your Hot Tub Helps Open your Pores

Dried skin cells, dirt and oil builds up in your pores throughout the day even if you are not exerting yourself or getting particularly grubby. Dry skin, cosmetics, oily skin due to age or genetics and even certain medications can lead to this buildup and  certain foods, humid conditions, pollution and even stress and anxiety can make this worse.

Having a relaxing soak can help alleviate your stress, but most importantly in the case of your skin, it promotes sweating lightly, which opens up your pores helping the dirt and oil to exit the body along with the perspiration. These unwanted pore cloggers can then be rinsed and exfoliated further from the body when you rinse off afterwards.

Improved Circulation from Soaking in Your Spa Helps Heal Your Skin

Having that deliciously warm water swirl around you with the massaging jets turned on helps increase your circulation. This improvement is helpful in promoting collagen and elastin production. These two work together to both soften and strengthen your blood vessels which then helps the body produce more collagen naturally.

Collagen is the protein in your body which helps to give your tissue durability, strength and structure. It also makes up about 75% of our skins dermal layer!

The benefits of collagen doesn’t just stop at its ability to ward off wrinkles. It also helps to reduce the body’s inflammatory reaction that may be caused by things like allergens. It also helps to prevent tissue degeneration through an anti-oxidizing effect. Things like UV exposure, smoking, or improper diet can cause stress that has an oxidizing effect on your skin and collagen’s high amino acid act as an anti-oxidant to ferret out these free radicals and prevent them from damaging your skin.

The benefits of regularly soaking in your spa are many, particularly for your skin, and with the right routine, spa setup and understanding, you can maximize these benefits and enjoy more durable, healthier looking skin.

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