How to Find the Perfect Temperature for your Spa

There are several different reasons for adjusting the temperature of your spa. From the activities you are doing, to the people joining you and even the weather outside. Make sure you are getting the most out of your hot tub temperature.

What is the perfect temperature to set your spa to? Is there one or is it simply a matter of preference? This is perhaps the most critical piece to making sure you and your friends and family are getting the most enjoyment out of your Sundance Spa.

What is the Ideal Hot Tub Temperature?

Regulations in North America stipulate that hot tub temperatures should not surpass 104 Degrees Fahrenheit so you will find that your control panel will not allow you to push beyond this limit. There are several health and safety considerations to keep in mind when enjoying your spa and this is an important one.

The easiest way to get the perfect temperature, is to start lower than you think and work your way up. 100 Degrees Fahrenheit is a good general rule of thumb and work your way toward 103 depending on who is in the spa and what their preferences are. Keep in mind that not everyone likes their spa the same so you may need to find a happy middle ground. You should be enjoying the temperature without feeling overheated, this is why gradually increasing is a great way to do it because it is more difficult to overshoot that perfect temperature and end up overheating rapidly.

How Long Does It Take for A Hot Tub to Warm Up?

From the time you fill your spa to the time you are ready to enjoy your first soak at around 100 Degrees Fahrenheit is generally between 18 and 24hrs depending on size, make and model. Once you have set your thermostat to the desired temperature there is no need to change it, simply cover the spa and the insulated hot tub will remain at that temperature until the next time you are ready to enjoy it (we recommend finding a daily routine for maximum relaxation).

One thing that you can be absolutely sure of is that Sundance Spas are built to be as energy efficient as possible, and once the desired temperature has been achieved, they are well insulated and protected to make sure you are not losing unnecessary heat.

When and Why Should You Change the Temperature of your Hot Tub

There are several instances where adjusting the temperature of your spa outside of your typically perfect temp makes sense. One that we touched on briefly already is that if you have individuals joining you in the spa who would prefer a warmer or cooler environment. Another important one though is if the exterior temperature is warm as well, this could increase the chances of overheating quickly and is something that you should be mindful of.

Another instance where you may want to adjust your spa temperature is if you are doing any sort of activity in your spa such as stretching or yoga. You do not want to overheat and adding anything strenuous to an already warm environment can increase your body temperature dangerously and prevent the body from effectively regulating its temperature. Stretching in your spa is a great way to relax and recover but the temperature should reflect the activity.

Is Hotter Water Better for Hydrotherapy?

Not necessarily. If you are relaxing sore muscles or trying to relieve arthritis in aching joints it is generally best to start lower, at 100 Degrees Fahrenheit for example, and slowly work your way up until you find relief without overheating. You will get the benefits of soaking in warm water at this temperature and it will not dramatically or even noticeably increase over 3 more degrees.

Remember to always consult your owner’s manual or ask our staff if you have any questions at all about the temperature settings of your Sundance Spa.

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