How to Shop for A Hot Tub

What should you be considering when purchasing a hot tub? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself to make sure you get the perfect spa for you.

So, you have been staring out the back window at the deck, or empty patch of grass in your yard and your lower back has been feeling sore since your last trip down the ski hill. And like it does after almost any activity. Your friends have been raving about their new Sundance spa and the more you think about it the more exciting the idea of having your spa sounds. So, what are your next steps? You will need to consider the requirements of your home, with how much space you have available, what the optimum configuration of the spa should be for you and your family, and how the tub will be installed and maintained.

Home Requirements

Having your own spa is truly an amazing way to relax and recover in the privacy of your own home. But do you have what is needed to accommodate one? You want to make sure that your spa has a natural look to its placement, and that it doesn’t feel or look like it was “shoe horned” in. That means you need to have measurements and a layout of your available deck and/or yard space. Consider how you will get to the spa, will there need to be a walkway put in, a place for towels, an outdoor shower. How will the space function? It needs to be functional but it should also be a space that allows you to enjoy it to its full potential. Think outdoor oasis.

Another important consideration is that most spas run on 240V, which means you will need to have the appropriate power source readily available. Also keep in mind your lighting, if you will be enjoying your spa in the evening you will want to have exterior lighting available.

What to Shop For

What are your options when purchasing a hot tub? You can choose the number of seats, how many people it will fit, what the jet configuration will be, the look and feel, what type of cover, and what extras could be selected like blue tooth capabilities. There is a considerable level of customization available to you. So how can you decide what will work best?

First you need to consider what is most important to you and who will be using the spa primarily. If you want to make sure your lower back is well looked after, the configuration of the jets may be the most important thing, or if you entertain frequently you may need to have ample seating. All of these customizations will affect the price, that is why it is so critical to determine importance so that you can easily make the choices that are right for you and sort through the various model types.

Install and Maintenance

You have done your due diligence, shopped at different stores, and even climbed into a floor model much to the dismay of the staff. But you are finally ready to make your purchase. Now what? What will the timeline be for delivery and install? There is a backlog of spa orders across much of the country right now, how is your order impacted? If you are looking to have your spa ready for a specific time, you need to make sure that this is in fact a possibility from who you purchase from.

Once the delivery and installation date has been confirmed, you need to decide whether you will be maintaining the spa yourself or if you will be leaving that up to someone else. In either case, you need to have a good understanding of what is needed to keep your spa in tip top condition. You need to understand what your spa warranty looks like and what you need to do to make sure all the necessary upkeep is done to keep that warranty valid. Make sure you don’t leave without purchasing all the necessary chemicals to keep your spa clean, and make sure to swing by the entertainment section as well if that is how you intend to use your spa.

After putting your purchasing plan together, knowing that you have the right space in mind, the appropriate spa requirements, and an acceptable timeline of delivery and install, you can confidently know that you are ready to enjoy your spa and give your body the rest that it deserves.

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