Hydropool Swim Spas

Hydropool Swim Spas are a great way to get a full body swimming workout, reconnect with your family and massage away sore muscle aches with hydrotherapy.

We are excited to be carrying the Hydropool Swim Spa! If you are unfamiliar, the Swim Spa is an incredible swimming pool alternative that is self cleaning, has massaging jets, and creates an adjustable current that you are able to swim against, much like an aquatic treadmill. These Swim Spas are a great way to keep the family entertained and reconnect with one another.

Clean Water

Each Swim Spa is easy to use and backed by a 100% Safe Water Guarantee. The jet systems are designed to move debris and impurities through the filtration system so that your water is always pure. These filters are very easy to replace and are also recyclable! Spend less time with comically large nets and more time enjoying your Swim Spa with your family.

Massage and Comfort

Designed for maximum comfort, recessed jets massage your muscles and all seats are ergonomically built so your entire body is supported. Pillow rests provide support for your head and neck and the flow rate of the jet systems is maximized for hydrotherapy efficiency. This means that the rate and efficiency in which the water flows through the pumps, filters and jets, is optimized for energy efficiency in moving water volume. All Hydropool Swim Spa jets do not have bearings, meaning fewer maintenance issues and with the increase in volume, a more balanced and soothing massage.

A Better Swim

Swimming lengths in a pool and abiding by their lane restrictions and time constraints seems archaic when compared to the freedom of your own Swim Spa. No more flip turns, no more shared changerooms, now you can spend more time focusing on your stroke and technique as you swim against a controlled current in your own backyard. The floor of the spa is textured to make it easy to stand and the adjustable current speed makes this the ideal place to teach your kids how to swim or train for your next triathlon. The water is temperature controlled so that you can regulate it according to the amount of energy you will be expending in the pool. Aqua Sport technology is the perfect way for the whole family to stay active.

A Smarter Choice

Far more affordable and versatile than a swimming pool, the Swim Spa is clean and energy efficient, designed with comfort and the needs of athletes in mind. Reconnect with your family and enjoy the many features that these spas have to offer. Connect with our team to find out how you can get yours.

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