Leisurecraft Saunas


We have teamed up with Leisurecraft to offer their full range of wood fired or electric saunas, cold plunge pools, hot tubs, furniture and accessories!

Made in Canada from Canadian wood, these works of art are customizable with many different options, making sure that there is one that is perfect for you.

Benefits of Having a Sauna

Relieve Stress

Warm, quiet, and free from distractions. The perfect place to meditate and focus on your breathing. 

Improve Skin Health

Having a routine approach can help you have a glowing complexion, through causing your pores to open and gently sweat out oils and dirt, increasing your circulation, and increasing natural healing processes in your body.

Provide Pain Relief

A further benefit to this improved blood flow is that it can help to relieve pain and tension in joints and help sore muscles.



Leisurecraft Saunas signature sauna is their Dundalk Line. That iconic Canadian Red Cedar look is available in a variety of designs so that it will fit the space you have in mind both in style and function. 

The prices online are the base price and do not include upgrades, heaters, delivery or assembly.

These saunas come in either Knotty or Clear Cedar.  The Clear Cedar is a little more expensive as it is aesthetically more pleasing to some.  Clear Cedar is used on all doors and benches in all sauna lines.  This is because the knots in the Knotty cedar are more dense, and can get hotter than the rest of the wood.

Help your body and mind feel better in one of the beautiful saunas you can explore here.


A more modern look, the Pure Cube Collection from Leisurecraft Saunas offers a sophistication and more or less glass for additional privacy or to better enjoy your view of the outdoors. 

Get back to relaxing and don’t underestimate how good you will feel after taking time for yourself in your new Pure Cube Sauna.

Canadian Timber

The Leisurecraft Canadian Timber Collection is an economical option for everyone that understands the incredible benefits of using a spa but hasn’t had the opportunity to purchase one. 

Delivered to you in ready to assemble kits that we can service for you, the Canadian Timber Collection is made with Canadian Eastern White Cedar and creates a beautiful look that is optimum for relaxing in. 


The Dundalk LeisureCraft cedar sauna accessory collection is a great add-on to your sauna. The stylish and functional design will blend with your traditional sauna.

Handcrafted in Canada with solid cedar and mortise and tenon joinery these upgrades will enhance your sauna experience.

More information?

There’s a sauna for every situation!

Send us a message or come into the store to find out more about the ranges we cary.