Tips for Using Hot Tub Spa this Winter

Hot tub spas can offer valuable rest and relaxation for you and your loved ones throughout the year. From warm spring afternoons, to chilly winter nights, a spa can be used in any season. It’s important to properly prepare your spa for the harsh winters in Fernie, BC. Proper winter preparation can help to increase the lifespan of your spa and maintain the overall quality. There are a few simple things that you can do to get your spa ready for winter.

Cleaning, Draining and Preparing your Spa

You may find it helpful to completely clean and drain your spa before the snow arrives. This can give you a peace of mind that your spa is running smoothly during the hectic winter season. Not to mention, there’s a smaller chance of you having to perform extensive work on your spa in the cold or snow.

Cleaning and draining your spa can help to improve how efficiently it operates during the cold weather. It also gives you an opportunity to discover and treat any problem areas. If you happen to find any problems, such as parts that need to be repaired, you can take this opportunity to have them fixed. Snow Valley Spa and Leisure offers premium spa servicing and repairs in Fernie, BC. If you encounter an issue, or would like to have an expert drain and clean your spa, contact us today.

It can also be beneficial to use this time to prepare your spa installation for winter. To ensure safety and protection of the components of your installation, you can:

  • Put patio furniture away
  • Secure BBQs and other outdoor appliances
  • Ensure the walkway and surrounding landscape are in good condition
  • Invest in a shovel and salt to clear walkways of snow and ice

Spa Repairs and Servicing

It can be beneficial to schedule servicing and repairs before the cold weather and snow arrives. This will help to ensure that your spa is running properly throughout the wintertime. Thoroughly check all essential accessories for damage or deterioration. Snow and ice can further damage features, like steps and spa covers, if there is previous damage or wear-and-tear. Replacing broken features can help to ensure the safety and functionality of your spa installation.

Running a Spa in the Winter

When the temperature drops, it becomes even more imperative to keep the heat sealed into your spa. Sundance® Spas are fully-equipped with advanced energy-efficient technology. Keeping your spa properly secured with a quality spa cover, can help to improve efficiency even further.

Some choose to close their spa during the cold winter months or don’t enjoy being outside in the cold at all. Regardless of the reason, it’s crucial to the components of your spa that it be shut down properly. Spas should be drained, cleaned, and prepared properly before the winter begins. Even when a spa is completely drained, some water can remain in the pipes. If water stays within the underground pipes in the winter, it can freeze and greatly damage your spa.

To avoid damaging your spa, why not call a professional? Our highly-trained spa technicians, at Snow Valley Spa and Leisure, offer trusted spa servicing in Fernie, BC.

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