Should You Purchase a Hot Tub for Your Vacation Rental?

Having a spa in your vacation rental can certainly be advantageous. Your location may all but demand that you have one, your competitors are offering them and they can be built into your budget.

There are fantastic vacation rentals available all over the world. What are some of the criteria that help you determine which one is right for you? Perhaps it is whether or not there is a spa available for you to relaxing, after all you are on vacation! So as an owner of a vacation rental, would a spa be the right investment for you to make? To answer this question, we need to look at location, the offerings of your competitors, and the maintenance that may be required.


What makes a hot tub so enjoyable? The jets that massage you, the warm and buoyant effects of the water and the aromas that can be added? All of these of course, but the effects of these are felt more deeply when paired with the right activities and location. That water feels so much warmer and inviting when the air outside is cold and there is snow on the ground. Those jets feel more relaxing than ever when they are caressing sore muscles after a day of hiking, skiing or walking the streets of a new town.

So, if your vacation rental is in a market where most of your business takes place in the winter, or you have guests that you know will want to take place in lots of physical activities, then a hot tub offering might just tempt them even more.


Your vacation rental property should be viewed as a business, and all businesses need to be aware of what their competitors are offering. So what does this mean? Have a look through the local listings in your area and have a look at what your competitors are offering. Do they have spas? Saunas? Other avenues of relaxation? Identify what the percentage of properties in your location have something like this, do you also want to belong to this group? Would that put you in the minority or majority?

With this initial bit of research out of the way, lets have a look at the prices of the accommodation that offers a hot tub when all else is relatively equal. For example, two units located close to the local ski hill, that are the same size and distance to the local attractions but one offers a hot tub. What does the price difference look like? Is there one?

Now that we have some numbers to work with and a better understanding of our environment, we need to ask if you could fill your rental without this offering. Maybe you have had the vacation rental for a number of years and haven’t had any difficulty filling it, but are wondering if you could ask for more if you could provide a spa to your guests. Maybe you are looking at getting into this market and are wondering if you need to have the hot tub to fill your vacancies. In either case, look to your competitors to understand the landscape and to help you determine if purchasing a spa or purchasing a vacation rental property with a spa, is the right decision for you.


You’ve made it this far and have determined that yes, a spa is the right addition to your vacation rental guest experience. Your last bit of hesitation? “Aren’t hot tubs a lot of work to maintain?” There are some important things to consider here. First, you have the cost of supplies to consider, spas require chemicals to be balanced and filters to be changed. Second, who is going to look after the spa? You may be more than capable of servicing your own hot tub but your vacation rental may be far away from your primary residence. You need to weigh the costs of your time and supplies to manage the hot tub yourself against hiring a professional company to manage it for you.

People love hot tubs, so you know that it is going to get used frequently. Doesn’t this increase the chances of the spa breaking? A very important question and of course, with more use comes the greater chance that your spa could break. So how can you protect against this? Make sure that your guest instructions include a section on your spa and how to use and treat it properly. For example, maximum number of people, no glass and making sure to replace the cover at a very surface level. This will help to keep your guests accountable and eliminate excuses if these directions are not followed.

Accidents happen. They are unavoidable. What you can and should do however is make certain that the spa you purchase comes with a warranty and to have insurance on your vacation rental and the items in it. These things need to be costed into your decision on purchasing a spa certainly, but you can mitigate this cost by enforcing a damage deposit on your rental as well. So that if broken glass is in the spa and it needs to be drained and cleaned, that expense is past on to the guest. Ongoing maintenance will also ensure that small issues do not turn into bigger problems.

Is a Spa Right For you?

There is a lot to consider when deciding whether or not to purchase a spa for your vacation rental. What does your location dictate, what are your competitors doing and do you have a plan for ongoing maintenance and management? We service many vacation rentals spas to make sure that they are well kept and ready for your next guests, and we get lots of positive feedback but the decision ultimately resides with the owner of the property as to whether or not they would see a positive return on their investment in a Sundance Spa.

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