Pool and Spa Enclosures

We are now offering retractable pool, spa and patio enclosures that allow you to swim, exercise and entertain all year while keeping you away from the outside elements. Nice weather, slide the enclosure open. Inclement weather, keep your enclosure closed. The enclosure creates a greenhouse effect; so you can swim, exercise and entertain anytime – all year!

Benefits of a Spa Enclosure


  • Ability to swim all year
  • Just slide back the enclosure to use your pool or spa in the open air on hot days
  • Easier maintenance
  • Protection against impurities leaves, pollen, and insects
  • Increase in water quality and decrease in amount of chemicals for water treatment
  • Easy operation
  • High solar effect and thus lower heating costs
  • Free water heating depending on the intensity of the solar radiation


  • Protection against children and pets falling into the water
  • Sophisticated locking system to protect the enclosure against damage by strong wind
  • Prevention of skin cancer thanks to filtering out of harmful UV radiation
  • Protection of your tub or pool against bad weather and UV radiation
  • Anti-slip rails you can walk on
  • AIR FRESH system – ventilation system protecting your pool or spa against overheating on hot days

Yes, our enclosures are designed and built for year round use. The polycarbonate panels allow the sun’s rays in while providing good insulation properties. The enclosures frame is equipped with a vinyl sweep that seals in the warm air and keeps drafts out. This creates a warm enclosed environment, minimizing heat loss.

Yes, the polycarbonate panels protect your skin from harmful UV radiation.

The enclosure is equipped with locking devices/pins for each door to safely close doors to guard against unwanted entry. However, a pool enclosure is not meant as a replacement for a fence.

No, as long as you keep the enclosure closed. The enclosure’s frame is equipped with a vinyl sweep that prevents outside elements from entering.

The polycarbonate panels can easily be cleaned by hosing down with warm clean water or with a soft cloth made from 100% cotton, using a mild dish detergent solution and rinsing with warm water

Entertain all year round

If you’re looking for an enclosure, either let us know using the form, or come on into the store and we can give you all the details!