The Benefits of Swimming

There are so many physical and mental advantages to swimming the only explanation for more people not doing it is a lack of access. With the Hydropool Swim Spa we aim to give everyone access to these benefits.

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise, allowing for full a full body, low resistant workout that can improve your overall health and wellbeing. It is a powerful tool for recovering from injuries or continuing exercise through your life, providing additional relief against things like Multiple Sclerosis and Arthritis. As we are currently observing the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, we see that many of Canadas most successful athletes are in the pool and we wish them all the best!

Physical Benefits

A wonderful recreational activity, swimming has been proven to be extremely beneficial to your cardiovascular system, allowing you to elevate your heart rate without putting the same level of wear and tear on the joints that you might cycling or running. This does not mean that you will only see benefits if you are doing rigorous interval training, but also if you are training for distance. While some studies cite that those swimmers may reduce their odds of an early death by 28%, these have not been thoroughly enough established to be considered accurate. However, there is no denying that on average, swimmers report better instances of overall physical and mental health.

Building muscle is an excellent way to burn fat as your body needs to feed those muscles energy to make them operate. This is what an increase to your metabolism looks like and this is why most exercise programs designed to help you lose weight will also include a component that helps you to build muscle. Swimming is the perfect cardio workout because it provides you the added resistance of the water to build muscles throughout the body all the while your body is burning calories to swim.

Mental Benefits

All this exercise means you need to make sure your body can rest and recover and your body does this quite well. Exercise has long been hypothesized to help with sleep disorders, and swimming is no exception to this. Exercise has also been linked to fighting other mental health issues such as depression. Swimming has the added benefit of being meditative to accompany its physical benefits. Distance swimmers experience a high very similar to what we call “runners high” and exercise increases endorphins, putting you in an elated state. There continues to be more and more studies linking exercise to decreases in anxiety and stress disorders. Combine this with the physical benefits that make your muscles, heart and lungs stronger and the reduction in your blood pressure and you have a winning combination in swimming.

Using the Pool For Physical Therapy

Injuries, chronic pain and inexperience often keep people away from exercise. It is hard to motivate yourself to go for a run if you experience chronic joint pain and harder still if you are trying to recover from a knee surgery. Swimming is the perfect solution to these barriers, it allows you to be buoyant, taking the pressure off of your joints and providing even, and gentle resistance. There is no repetitive pounding and it is very easy to work at your own pace. Many Physiotherapists will recommend swimming programs if their patients have access to a place to swim. Even getting in the pool to stand and preform aquatic exercises can help to get people moving that have previously had no exercise experience. There are an infinite number of exercises and variations that can be performed in a Hydro Pool Swim Spa that can help you achieve very specific goals.

It Has Never Been Easier to Get Swimming

Swimming is undervalued as a tool to increase the health of your mind and body as well as a method of rehab. No longer do you need to belong to a fancy swim club or drive to the recreational center three days a week to share a lane. You can now swim and exercise peacefully in your own backyard and take control of your health. Send us a message to find out how you can get your Swim Spa today.

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